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PMR articles available in PDF format contain expert market analyses, forecasts and commentaries on construction market in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Falling prices of house painting services  August 2013

en pl Changes in house painting prices are also largely dependent on the general condition of the society. Interior wall painting is not a highly complicated job and, therefore, a large portion of the work is performed by homeowners on their own. If households

Recuperation gains popularity in Poland  August 2013

en pl The traditional natural ventilation system based on the gravity flow of air through leaks in the building remains the key air-supply method, but, at the same time, more and more customers decide to use mechanically-assisted devices. According to the

Investments in the Polish power sector dwindled to €24bn  July 2013

en pl The aggregate value of projects in the advanced tender phase tops PLN 37bn (€8.9bn). Here the largest initiative is the Polnoc Power Plant construction, whose value is estimated at PLN 12bn (€2.9bn), though its future is still uncertain. Other

Price stagnation grips HVAC market in Poland  July 2013

en pl We anticipate that the prices might remain flat at the current level in the coming months, but improvement might come around the end of the year. Positive impulses for the industry will also come in the subsequent years. Increased demand for HVAC devices

Investments in renewable energy sources in Poland in anticipation of the new law  July 2013

en pl According to the information presented by the government, the RES act should be adopted and enter into force in the second half of 2013. The work on the act started several years ago – the first draft was developed at the end of 2011 and was subsequently

Construction sector in rural areas across Poland thrives on the back of renewable energy resources  June 2013

en pl A direct and clear advantage of renewable energy systems, including those other than biogas plants, is that they add new supporting facilities to the existing infrastructure. On many occasions, renewable energy systems need access roads. Also, since

Polish construction continues decline in 2013  April 2013

en pl Last year was a critical year for numerous construction companies. Poor financial results posted by numerous contractors stemming from road contracts they were engaged in resulted in pushing many companies out of the market. Difficulties experienced
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